Sterilization as permanent birth control. Part 3
Sterilization may have a slight protective effect for ovarian cancer and pelvic inflammatory disease. A study that monitored some 77,000 women for 12 years found a reduced rate of ovarian cancer in women who had had tubal occlusion or hysterectomy. How often does sterilization fail? Vasectomy — The failure rate is less than 1 percent. [..]

Sterilization as permanent birth control. Part 2
Tubal ligation — Depending on the procedure used, tubal ligation may be done with either local or general anesthetic. With general anesthesia, you are unconscious during the operation. If a local is used, you will probably also receive a sedative. How long does it take to recover? Vasectomy — The procedure is brief (about 30 [..]

Blinded Blind Dates, Part 2
And so, when I asked Anna what her date sounded like on the telephone, I was both surprised and disappointed when she donned a blank expression and shrugged. “I don’t know,” she snapped at me, quickly finding a perturbed expression. “He sounded normal. Are you going to help me with this, or what?” Little did [..]

Sterilization as permanent birth control. Part 1
If you have completed your family — or if you’ve chosen not to have children — you and your partner may have concluded that surgical sterilization is your best option for permanent birth control. It can be difficult, however, for a couple to decide who should have the procedure. Vasectomy is the only surgical method [..]

Blinded Blind Dates, Part 1
Ever been on a blind date? What were you thinking meeting someone sans all your senses? My friend Anna is quite beautiful. She is also terribly naive and not so good at hearing the cold, hard truths of the world. Thus, the other morning, prior to a highly anticipated blind date she was embarking on, [..]

Worksite Health Promotion. Part 4
The primary reason organizations attempt to improve employee lifestyle though WHP is to increase job performance. Examples include an increase in the quality of reports generated, an increase in productivity andincreased quantity of work. These increases may be due tohigher energy levels and increased physical work capacity, which can lead to clearer thinking, improved alertness [..]

Worksite Health Promotion. Part 3
Involving health clubs Once a company decides to offer a worksite health promotion program, they may wonder who willdeliver these programs.Fitness facilitiesand wellness centers canprovide a solution for companies looking to adopt such a program. First, clubs generally have access to health professionals, dieticians, exercise physiologists and health educators. Whether these resources are on staff [..]

Worksite Health Promotion. Part 2
Health promotion benefits Worksite health promotion (WHP) programs generally consist of a combination of diagnostic, educational and behavior-modification activities. These programs are initiated, endorsed and supported by the employing organization, and are designed to support the attainment and maintenance of health and well-being. Since these programs do notgenerate revenue, they must offer otherbenefits, and enough [..]

Death and Dying The Five Stages
Losing a loved one is perhaps, one of the most difficult aspects of life. Here are the five stages that are part of the grieving process and how to deal with these emotions. The Five Stages of Death and Dying: According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Denial and Isolation Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Elisabeth Kubler-Ross originally wrote [..]

Worksite Health Promotion. Part 1
The ten leading causes of death in the United States have risk factors that are preventable. Besides genetics and age, risk factorssuch as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are modifiable. The U.S. Prevention Services Task Force, consisting of physicians and scientists, concludes that influencing health-related behavior is more likely to [..]

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